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UNIEXCEL AGENCIES & SERVICES PVT. LTD., (UNIEXCEL) is a closely held manufacturing and marketing organisation with its Registered Office in Ahmedabad and Marketing Offices in Bombay and Ahmedabad. The manufacturing unit of UNIEXCEL is located in New Bombay.
UNIEXCEL is specialising in design, fabrication and supply of wide range of Industrial Filters for Air, Gases, Liquids and effluents to a wide industrial segment in India. UNIEXCEL is able to provide the requisite pre-sales and after sales technical services with the team of Marketing Service Engineers who are trained and experienced in the field of Filtration and Separation. The close and exclusive business co-operation, UNIEXCEL has with its Principals in terms of Collaboration, License Agreement and joint ventures has helped in offering to the Indian Industry at large, the time tested and proven Filter Products and also introduce the 'modern trends' in this field. 
began with the focus to provide the time tested, proven technology in Filtration and Separation to growing Indian Industries such as Chemical, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Man made Fibers and Electronics. Today, after a decade of experience, UNIEXCEL has established itself as a 'dependable supplier' of Plant, Machinery, Equipment and Media for Filtration and Separation to emerging industries such as Power Plant, Refineries, Automotive, Auto Ancillary and Machine Tools Industry in addition to customer segments mentioned above.
UNIEXCEL was founded in 1988 by Mr. S. Nagaswami, Chairman and Managing Director, who has over 40 years of experience in marketing imported plant, machinery and equipments for the industries referred to above. Mr. S. Nagaswami obtained his M. Sc., degree in Mathematics from the Allahabad University after graduating from the same University having obtained B. Sc., degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Over the years, Uniexcel has grown into a family which comprises of close to 10 well-trained, experienced and committed Engineers, many of whom are trained at our overseas Principals.

High Quality Sintered Metal Fiber Media and Powder imported from Europe
Is manufactured in India By
(an associate company of Uniexcel Agencies & Services Pvt. Ltd.)
An ISO 9001 - 2000 Certified Company

Against, the above background, the products manufactured by Krebsoge Excel products are high standard quality in design, technology and performance.

Krebsoge has succeeded in achieving considerable economy in manufacturing operation and is able to offer candles on rupee payment basis at very competitive prices.   The sales and services of Kreboge products is being undertaken by Uniexcel Agencies & Services Pvt  Ltd., who are the authorized exclusive sales agent

Some of the main products offered by Krebsoge Excel along with High Quality Sinter Metals Fibers and powders imported from Europe are used in the following applications.

  • Synthetic film and fibres manufacturing
  • Compressed air and gas processing
  • Pharmaceuticals, good and beverage processing
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers Industries
  • Medical technological, electronic and other analysis sector
  • Environmental technology

Apart from introducing the Novel Products and New Technology to the Indian Industry at large, Objectivity, Creativity, Reliability and to ensure Customer Satisfaction has been the philosophy at