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Centralized Coolant Filtration Systems

Uniexcel develops and constructs complete custom-made centralized coolant filtration systems for coolant and chip handling, supporting flow rates of up to 40,000 l/min (10,500 gpm). We provide our clients with range of coolant filtration technologies including gravity, pressure, or vacuum filters, so they can select the coolant filtration solution as per their requirement.

Uniexcel has plenty of experience in developing and executing centralized coolant filtration systems in demanding applications, and deep project management and engineering resources. Filtration system from Uniexcel is the safest option for designing your coolant filtration solution. Furthermore, we have the capacity to integrate the unique overhead pump system and chip handling and chip processing solutions that deliver an optimized chip and coolant management system which helps you put a curb on operating costs.

Apart from introducing the Novel Products and New Technology to the Indian Industry at large, Objectivity, Creativity, Reliability and to ensure Customer Satisfaction has been the philosophy at UNIEXCEL.