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Fiber Glass, String Wound Filter Cartridges Manufacturer

Uniexcel India is one of the reputed manufacturer of Arbocel, Alpha Cellulose, Asbestos Free Gaskets, Cellulose Fibers for Brake Liners, Ceramic Filter Candles, Sulphur Purification Process, Catalyst Recovery, String Wound Filter Cartridge, Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges, Fiber Glass Filter Cartridge, Cellulose Fibers For Automobile Gaskets, and Cellulose Fibers For Brine Filtration etc.   

  • Arbocel
  • Alpha Cellulose
  • Asbestos Free Gaskets
  • Cellulose Fibers For Brake Liners
  • Ceramic Filter Candles
  • Sulphur Purification Process
  • Catalyst Recovery
  • String Wound Filter Cartridge
  • Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges
  • Fiber Glass Filter Cartridge
  • Cellulose Fibers For Automobile Gaskets
  • Cellulose Fibers For Brine Filtration



Arbocel is a chalky to rubbery cellulose additive for use in construction chemicals products. These additives are manufactured from cellulose. A wide range of renewable raw materials is accessible for producing cellulose. Arbocel is water-insoluble celluloses left in their usual state. Arbocel is manufactured in a variety of qualities (fiber length, width, transparency).

Alpha Cellulose

Basically Cellulose powder is Alpha Cellulose which is derived from cotton or wood pulp. It is still, non-abrasive, flexible, porous used in casing material of Welding Electrodes, Rubber Mixes, Bakelite Plastic, Filtering Aids etc. available in white to cream powder form.

Asbestos Free Gaskets

Asbestos Free Gaskets have outstanding quality of chemical remittance, heat remittance, are simple to operate and do not solidify easily, for these gaskets use PTFE as binders. The gaskets do not have any rubber, and therefore retightening is doable.

Cellulose Fibers for Brake Liners

The fiber products that Uniexcel India manufactures are perfect materials that can restore asbestos in friction materials. Brake linings are made from quality fiber products that have many distinguished features like braking stably, high temperature properties, less abrasion, low (no) noise and long life.

Apart from introducing the Novel Products and New Technology to the Indian Industry at large, Objectivity, Creativity, Reliability and to ensure Customer Satisfaction has been the philosophy at UNIEXCEL.